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ALTEA stands for Advanced LighT Engineered Aerostructures. A new generation of aircraft structures is needed for electric aircraft: lighter, more advanced and innovative than traditional (introduce nicer schematic picture of a weighting scale with a battery in the heavy side and airframe in the light side)

Our Mission

is to provide the lightest and most innovative aerostructures
to the new generation of Electric and Hybrid aircraft,
enabling a cleaner way of flying

Our Approach

combines a robust experience
in airframe developments for Certified Aircraft

together with extreme composite solutions
from our expertise in Hypercars

ALTEA Unique Approach

Combination of robust track-record in airframe development (Airbus) and extreme solutions for racing (Motorsport); openminded, right team size, agility for crazy timelines, proactive attitude and teamworking with customer; ideal approach for start-ups and prototype phases, but also orienting solutions towards airworthiness certification and industrialization.

Integrated Solutions

Design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, and testing of aerostructures.

Airframe Integrated Solutions

from concept design to full-scale testing,
from prototype to serial manufacturing:

end-to-end capabilities through our Strategic Partners

concept and detailed design;
stress, fatigue, flutter analysis;
materials selection and  qualification;
assembly solutions, full-scale testingRead More »
tooling design and manufacturing;
composite and metallic manufacturing
of highly integrated components;
assembly and finishingRead More »


ALTEA has been a leading partner for EVIATION AIRCRAFT LTD. in the development of the ALICE, a 9 passenger all-electric all-composite aircraft, from the first prototype to the current certification process, designing and manufacturing major composite components for primary and secondary structure.

Our Projects

ALTEA is proud to partner with Eviation, a global manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, in creating first zero-emission 9-seater plane Alice

ALTEA is designing and manufacturing Alice’s primary and secondary structures, including the empennage, motor mounts, doors and fairings

What Our Customers Say

“ALTEA has proven to be an incredibly reliable partner, ensuring their products are of the highest standards and maintaining promised results“, Lior Zivan, CTO of Eviation says. “With ALTEA working on the structure of Alice, we look forward to providing customers with both economic and environmentally sound transportation solutions“.

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A new generation of aerostructures